With roots in Northern California and a childhood with an artistic mother, Jade was destined for a life in the creative arts. After stints in the film and advertising industries, Jade translated her experience, education and insight into a successful commercial career in photography. Armed with a sharp and earnest perspective on life, a love for art,and a rapport with people, Jade created her own unique photographic style and experience. Not long after that, she had a full roster of happy clients.

Evolution was eventual. And Jade’s work was no exception. There has been a change in the path. A change in perspective. A change in intention. And it has all led to a more true source of inspiration for her. Evolving her aesthetic to reveal rather than suggest, Jade’s work has led her to more candid moments, with a subtle style and natural lighting. As a result, her new work is ethereal, less polished, and more soulful.